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CookMap – A Cook’s Adventure


This is a 2D adventure game where the player has to collect ingredients, try out different recipes, bribe greedy aliens and find the ultimate delicacy. Available on Mac, Windows and Linux.

PebPeb – An Operating System with Para-virtualization

PebPeb cover

Final project from CMU 15410/605 Operating System Design and Implementation. PebPeb is an operating system supporting user processes, threads, console/timer/keyboard drivers and para-virtualization.

Lightweight MapReduce Framework

mapreduce overview

We implemented a cross-platform MapReduce framework written in C++, and integrated several built-in machine learning algorithms (e.g. naive bayes, logistic regression etc.) on top of it.

Single Cell Classification

single cell classification overview

We designed an algorithm combining PCA, SVM and ensemble method to predict cell type out of its scRNA-seq gene expression profile with an accuracy of 53.5%.